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Do you have a Motor Vehicle that you have to repeatedly take it back to the dealership for repairs? If that is the case, this office can help you get your money back.

California Lemon Law protects consumers whose vehicle has not been repaired by the authorized repair facility “within a reasonable number of attempts.” In a case like that, the manufacturer has a duty to “repurchase” or “replace” the vehicle or provide the consumers with a cash compensation. The manufacturer also has to reimburse the consumer for consequential damages, such as the cost of towing the vehicle, and some times even punitive damages depending on the fact of the case.

Unfortunately, manufacturers almost never comply with their duty under the law and that is where this office comes in to help you!



If your vehicle qualifies under California Lemon Law, you are entitled to:

  • Repurchase (a.k.a. buyback): If a buyback is offered, the manufacturer will take back your vehicle and in return refunds the purchase price, the lease payments, or the finance installments you have paid until the surrender day. A buyback will also get you reimbursed for your incidental damages such as the cost of towing your vehicle. A statutory mileage offset will be deducted from the total which we can usually calculate that for you from the beginning of your case so you know how much you can get from the beginning. In some cases, you may be entitled to punitive damages as well, if you can prove that the manufacturer “willfully failed to comply with its legal duties under the Song-Beverly Act. This is something that you should consult with your attorney. Lastly, a buyback will also pays off the remainder of your lease or finance balance.   
  • Replacement: In a replacement case, the manufacturer will offer to take back your vehicle and in return provides you with an option to take a similar vehicle if you want. We usually do not recommend this option. Talk to your attorney about the details.


  • Cash settlement offers: Some times the manufacturer offers a cash settlement. Depending on the facts of your case, this may be an option to consider. Discuss this with your attorney to learn more. 
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My car is leased, does the law protect me?


My car is financed, does the law protect me?

Yes. The law protects your rights whether you paid cash or financed your purchase.

How does the mileage offset works?

The mileage offset is determined by a special formula designed by the legislature to deduct a prorated amount of money from your total buyback money. Call us for a calculation of your buyback number and see how much you will get when your car is bought back.

Hiring an attorney seems expensive, How much does it costs to hire a Lemon Law attorney?

Nothing for you. The car manufacturer will pay all your costs and attorney fees. You will never have to pay a dime for our services, costs, and court fees. 

Can I get paid for my pain and suffering?

Unfortunately, unlike personal injury cases consumers are not able to claim pain and suffering, however, your incidental damages such as towing costs, loaner costs and alike are recoverable in damages.

What should I do if my car’s issue come back?

Make sure to take the car to an authorized repair facility and report the issues immediately. The facility will take your vehicle and gives you a paper called  “Service Order.”  Read that carefully before leaving the dealership to make sure all your reported issues are reflected in the Service Order.  Do the same when you get your car back and ask for a copy of the “Repair Order,” which should reflect all your reported issues and the repair facility’s repair attempts for every single issue reported. You should then call this office to guide you for evaluation and next steps. 

What should I do if I have a car that might be a Lemon?

Contact us today! Attorney Pouyan will review your documents for FREE and will give you his evaluation of your situation. Be advised that some cases settle in as quick as a few weeks and you may be able to get significant cash settlement!

REMEMBER! You do NOT have to pay for our legal fees. The manufacturer will pay all your court costs and our attorney fees after the case settles.

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